Who We Are

In late 2014, a shepherd named Sadie and her owner were looking for a way for Sadie to have a bath, feel good, clean, and do it in a lower stress setting in a cost effective manner.   Talking with Sadie's mom, we realized that there were no groomers that did house calls. A few weeks later, an elderly sheltie named Cara and her newly retired mom was not able to get her to the groomer as Cara could not get into the car, and mom was unable to lift her in.  From there, Pawsitivity started to take shape.

The Faces of Pawsitivity

Carla Chisholm

Owner/Groomer/Pet Lover. 
The one who puts her arms, fingers and nose on the line for your pet

Michael Chisholm

Support/Pet Lover
Putter Upper of Carla