Your time – we come to you, so there is no time lost in your trip to the groomers to drop off and pick up.

        Your time – you can continue on with your day while we are there.  Make dinner, play with the kids, watch tv.

      Reduction in stress for you and your pet – many pets find it stressful to go into the car, or stay in a cage at the groomers, or they just do not like other pets or people. When our pets are stressed, we are stressed. 

      Reduction in stress for you and your pet – separation anxiety is a very common issue.  You can be in the room while we are there to give support, positive reassurance and words of security.  Just be aware that some pets do better with you there, and some do better without. There may be a time that we may ask you to step out to see which one of those your pet is.

       Reduction of illness and disease – no need for your pet to possibly come in contact with upper respiratory viruses, or canine cough, fleas, etc.  Incidents of stress induced illness (such as colitis) will be decreased.  We also monitor the treats we give to avoid allergy issues.

         No medication may be needed – so many pets need a sedative or medication to combat anxiety while in the car, at groomers or vets.  If your pet does not need them, that is better for them.

     Older pets will find it easier – getting an elderly dog into a vehicle can be an upsetting experience for both them and you. 

         People will find it easier - So many people have difficulties with mobility, whether due to age, illness, injury etc, or if you don't drive or have a car.  You no longer need to rely on others.

       Limited staff – The same person will be taking care of you and your pet so it is easier to keep track of those allergies, or who has a sore knee, or who needs those extra words of support.

        We use veterinary approved products whenever possible – we will not put a cost on your pets comfort by using a cheaper product.