Includes brushing, nail trim, ear cleaning (if needed) trimming of hind end, and blow dry.

($55-$95 depending on size and coat length, HST included)

Nail Triming

No more getting stuck on the carpet, or clicking around the house

($24 for first pet, $10 each additional pet afterwards, HST included)

Pet Sitting

Keep your pet in the comfort of their own home.

($22 for per visit, HST included.  St. Catharines only, outside area, $27 per visit)

Pet cam rental available

Shaving/Trims for Dogs and Cats

Breed specific cuts not available.  Comfort comes first, pretty is second, but we do are best!

($55-$90 depending on size, HST included)


Full brushing, trim around eyes and/or bum if needed, nail trim 

($40-$90 depending on coat, HST inclueded)

The Whole Shebang

Brushing, Cut, nails, ear cleaning (if needed), bath, blow dry

($75-$100 depending on size, HST included)

Comfort is our first priority

It is not always easy to groom a pet.  Many have anxiety, are fearful, or can be aggressive.  

While we do our best to make them look as good as they can, sometimes is just not possible.  The level of stress and anxiety, or the possibility of injury to both pet and human may mean we cannot do as great a job as you'd like.  Know that if the grooming has to be cut short, sometimes a second visit is needed to complete the job, or sometimes the grooming will take longer as your pet learns to trust us, and vice versa.  Comfort First, Pretty Second.

What Do I Need To Do?

As the pet parent, there really is nothing for your to do.  Our first visit with you, we will get all of the information on the pet(s) as well as yourselves.  If your dog needs a cut, we need a small area for our grooming table and an outlet.  If your dog needs a bath, then we move into the bathroom (or laundry room) where we simply need your tub and water.  We have the shampoo (aloe and oatmeal), towels, a bucket if there is no handheld shower head and a mat to put down in the tub for stability.  An outlet is needed for us to dry your pet (or as much as they will allow us to)

If it is a cat that needs a lion cut, then simply the bathroom will do.  That way, a break can be had by pet and groomer, and no one can hide underneath a bed, couch or dresser (the cat, not the groomer).

We do all of the clean up, leaving your place as clean as it was before.